How To Style Hoodies And Sweaters With Skirts And Dresses

How To Style Hoodies And Sweaters With Skirts And Dresses

A hooded sweatshirt dates back to the 1930s: the first hoodie was designed by the sports apparel company Champion Products for athletes. As a vibrant and essential piece of clothing, the hoodie later was adopted by skaters and rappers and soon became a mainstay in many wardrobes. Hoodies look cute, and bold, give a wearer an image of relaxed self-assurance, are easy to pair with different bottoms, and are very comfortable.  

Even though we don’t usually associate hoodies with chic or romantic looks, there are many options to wear a hoodie and look more chic than sporty. Fashionistas including Hailey Biber, Kylie Jenner, and Jiji Hadid wear hoodies with skirts, high heels, and dresses. Gone are the days when we could pair hoodies only with jeans and sneakers! Below, we have compiled the top 9 fabulous and chic outfits of hoodies and skirts you can recreate for a workplace, stroll, lunchtime outing, or party night at the luxurious gambling venue.

A business casual office look

The pencil skirt is known to be feminine and classy. To elevate your office look, match a fitted hoodie pencil skirt. The length of such a skirt should end just below the knee. This will smooth out the mix of sportswear with business clothes because the sweatshirt with a skirt entered our lives quite recently. Add penny (chunky) loafers to this outfit. To make this look more formal, wear a formal sleek jacket or blazer over a hoodie. The jacket should be made of dense fabric and looser, and the sweatshirt – thinner. However, be careful with layers to avoid looking sloppy and slouchy. To fit in a semi-formal style, hoodie should look basic (monochrome, neutral-colored, without big pockets).

Casual denim chic

Different from the previous one, this outfit has a relaxed yet trendy vibe. Pair your favorite capped straight or oversized hoodie with a mid-length straight denim skirt. If this idea piqued your interest, finish the look with white sneakers or canvas shoes and a leather backpack. For this outfit, try to choose the most neutral and laconic sneakers without additional details. A good color combination will be a black or dark gray hoodie with a flared or dark wash denim skirt. 

Leather glam

Do you want to look as gorgeous as Kylie Jenner? Then create a fabulous and sexy night out outfit by pairing a fitted ripped red hoodie with a leather mini or midi skirt. To create the right look, tuck a sweatshirt into a patent mini-skirt. To properly tuck the thick fabric of a sweatshirt into a patent mini skirt you will have to try hard, but the effect will be amazing. Elevate this look with statement accessories (stylish sunglasses, golden earrings, leather bag) and leather ankle boots or black high heels.

Grunge Disney Princess

Why not pair a hoodie with a romantic flowy dress? Complete this extraordinary combo with bold combat boots. If it is cold, layer a leather biker jacket on top. Contrasting textures and styles make this outfit outstanding and very trendy. Grab it for a cool party night!

A monochromatic evening look

Are you a minimalist? Then stay on high rotation with this monochromatic setup! Pick a monochrome black hoodie and pair it with a straight or pencil white midi skirt. The combo of a white hoodie and black skirt would also be appropriate. Introduce elegant black leather lace-up ankle boots and a black clutch to this ensemble: they will evoke a feeling of luxury. Top it off with a black woolen cool on colder days. The whole bow will look especially stylish if you complement it with a geometric haircut and red lipstick. 


Pleated skirts and tutus are incredibly popular. Slightly reducing the romanticism of these clothes helps just a sweatshirt. Take a short voluminous tutu and you will be surprised how harmonious the set will look! As in the outfit with a floral dress, this ensemble is based on a contrast of different textures. A very feminine puffy skirt combined with a sporty sweater makes the image very original. Do not try to smooth out this difference. For example, the colors of the top and bottom should be as contrasting as possible. The sweatshirt should fit tightly to the body. Finish this ensemble with leather slip-ons, ballerinas, or loafers.

Cute tomboy

A-silhouette skirt with a pronounced waist gives femininity even to an angular figure. If you want a romantic casual look, combine this style with a sweatshirt. It should be fitted, then it will emphasize your curves. On the other hand, you can go for a short loose sweatshirt. This combination forms a very mischievous image, without reducing its tenderness. The most important thing in this case is to observe the harmony of colors. For example, you can wear a monochrome bright blue, yellow T-shirt with a white, black, white or gray midi skirt A silhouette. Add finishing touches to this ensemble with high-heeled or high-heeled lace-up boots and a geometric-shaped clutch. Instead of a skirt, you can wear a midi dress under a hoodie.

A sporty chic outfit with chunky sneakers

There is nothing easier to achieve a sporty outfit with a hoodie even if you pair it with a skirt. Grab a hoodie (it can come up in various colors and fits) and pair it with a straight midi monochrome skirt (a black skirt would be a good option!) Chunky and bulky massive platform sneakers like sneakers from Balenciaga Triple S collection and crossbody bag will finish the ensemble. The combination of hoodie, skirt, and shoes must look stylish. For example, you can choose a gray hoodie, black skirt, and bright-colored chunky sneakers. 

Elegant and sparkling

A champagne-colored midi or straight sequin skirt is a trendy alternative to an evening dress. Pair it with a white fitted hoodie and finish this gorgeous combo with gold-heeled sandals or basic white court shoes. You can get inspired by this combo and play with different colors, but the main rule is that the hoodie must remain monochrome and basic or pastel-colored (white, black, beige, ivory, mint, etc.) and perfectly match the sequin skirt. For colder days you can wear a fitted monochrome zipped hoodie over a cashmere turtleneck sweater instead of one hoodie. However, the hoodie and turtleneck sweater should match perfectly in color. Since it is easy to make a mistake, it is better to choose a hoodie anyway and top the ensemble off with a long feminine coat.

Final remarks

Never underestimate the power of a hoodie! No matter where your day takes you, you will always look trendy in a combo of hoodie and skirt. Get immersed in this trend and shine!

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